MTNL Mumbai MNP Number, MTNL Mumbai Mobile Number Portability

MTNL Mumbai MNP Number: 1800-22-1503

e-mail: mnp@mtnl.net.in

MNP Process for MTNL

- To begin with, you need to generate UPC (Unique Porting Code) by sending SMS to 1900. SMS to be sent : PORT to 1900. Operator SMS charges will be applicable. e.g. SMS PORT to 1900.
- After sending SMS to 1900, you will receive UPC (Unique Porting Code) as a SMS from 1901 giving 8 digit alpha-numeric Unique Porting Code (UPC) and UPC expiry date in MM/DD/YYYY format.
- Visit your nearest MTNL Customer Service Center near to you.
- Fill Mobile Number Porting (MNP) form and Customer Agreement Form(CAF), Along with Address & Identity proof documents, self-attested photo.
- You will get a New SIM, please retain it. You will get a message regarding actual time of port in, in your existing number, after that you can use your new SIM and our service.
- Now after statutory time period you are ready to experience a new refreshing world with MTNL Mobile. Please feel free to call MTNL customer care 1800221503 for any queries. Call charges will apply as per your existing operator`s tariff plan.


1. What is Mobile Number Portability (MNP) ?
MNP is the ability to shift from your current Network Provider to another Network Provider while retaining your existing Mobile number. That means now you have the option to switch over to MTNL Mobile.

2. What will be the cost for switching?
As per TRAI Guidelines the cost for switching is Rs.19. But we have waived off it for you.

3. Who can avail MNP ?
Any Mobile Subscriber of Mumbai circle, irrespective of GSM or CDMA, prepaid or post paid can switch over to another operator, but you need to complete at least 90 days from your activation or last port in, with your current service provider.

4. I am not a subscriber from Mumbai Telecom circle. Can I migrate to MTNL Mobile?
No, presently MNP facility is available within same telecom circle only.

5. Can my current operator reject "port-in" request?
In certain cases your current operator may reject "Port-in" request like.

- There is some Unpaid bills in case of Post paid Mobile.
- The Mobile Number is under contractual obligation.
- The Mobile Number has some pending legal cases.
- The mandatory 90 days has not been completed since the date of activation or last port-in.

6. I am interested in port into MTNL Mobile connection in my existing number what I need to do?
Welcome to MTNL Mobile. You just need to complete some simple steps to shift to us.

- Generate a UPC(Unique Porting Code) by sending a SMS To 1900,
- Please visit Our Customer Service Center and fill the MNP form, CAF (Customer Agreement Form) and submit these forms along with your Identity proof & Address Proof and your photographs.
- Select a suitable postpaid plan or prepaid kit and make necessary payments.
- You will get a MTNL SIM, just retain it, and when you will get a message regarding Porting completion, you can insert the new MTNL SIM in your Mobile and after the No service Period you are ready to conquer the world with MTNL Mobile.

7. So how much time it will take?
The maximum time prescribed by TRAI is 7 days. We will try our best to help you port faster.

8. So, my mobile will be dysfunctional for 7 days?
No, your number will be active throughout the process except the No Service Period, which is only 2 hours.

9. What is No Service Period?
There will be a 2 hour span when your services will be disrupted; this is the No Service Period. We will communicate you the actual time by SMS.

10. After No service period which SIM I have to use?
Now you are our esteemed Customer, please use your new MTNL SIM.

11. What about my unused talktime of current operator?
Sorry, the unused talktime of your current operator will not be transferred to your new MTNL connection.

12. What about my existing services?
You have to subscribe again to your desired value add services, be it caller Ring back tune (playtune) or any other services. We are sure you will be happy to enjoy our featured rich value added services.

If you have more questions regarding MNP, please call us at 1800221503

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